Professional, service and detail oriented team that did a great job for me. Logan was available to work with me, answer my questions, and facilitate the schedule and work with my requests. Samuel spent hours inspecting the property and took the time to explain what his concerns were to me, discuss potential issues, and listen to my concerns. These guys are good at what they do. I will use them on my next inspection.

Derek R.

Great local company! Logan and Sam are very professional and thorough. Logan squeezed me in after another inspector canceled. I am in Real Estate so timing is always a factor. Their report was detailed and extremely thorough. It was new construction so they went above and beyond in their inspection. l will use them in future for all of my clients!

Mary C.

Samuel and his team were amazing to work with! Our home inspection was done quickly and efficiently, and everyone was more than happy to help answer any questions we had. We also received our inspection documents the same day. We highly recommend Treasure Valley Home Inspectors!

Megan T.

Great guys! Logan and Sam saved us from buying a house that needed over $50,000 just in hidden updates, then another $100-150,000 in updates and design features! I’m sad to lose the house, but extremely happy to have received a detailed report so I could price things out!! I will use them again!

Annie A.

They got me an appointment super fast and Sam even arrived early. We had a seller’s pre-inspection done before listing our house, and he said they do the exact same thing as they do for a regular home inspection (buyer’s)! Sam was very kind, considerate, thorough and professional. He used some seriously high tech devices, including a camera-like temperature sensor and moisture sensor. He stayed and went through the entire report with us (which included several photos), explaining everything and answering our questions. We will definitely be choosing him for the inspection when we find a home to purchase.

Angela H.